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Keeping you up to date on my adventures and tips and tricks on shooting and light painting!

Light Painting Rainbows

Rainbows! In order to light paint rainbows it’s not as simple as one color like white or yellow. Instead we have to use some special materials and settings in order to get the desired effect.

Creating Wings With Light

Wings are one of the things that most humans wish they had. Well lucky for us we can simulate the lightest wings imaginable with light painting! Come read on how to do it!

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About Me

You’ve seen my work so here’s a little bit about me!

A Little Intro

Hi! My name is Russell Klimas and I’m a photographer, videographer, and web designer from Colorado Springs, CO. When it comes to the performing arts I couldn’t love anything more and helping those who want to pursue it as well is part of my dream. I’ve been shooting photography for over a year and videography for several years. I work full time doing web design for a marketing company but still want to branch out and help my fellow performers!

My passion for light painting I discovered by accident but I’m oh so glad that I discovered it as it’s become something I’m obsessed with. If you would like a private session whether for portraits, weddings, or some other event contact me here and we’ll set up a date to light paint.

My Exhibitions

I’m currently in the process of getting my work in galleries so stay tuned if you’d like to see my work in person!


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